This is what clients say about Walkabout Emu Oil



The emu oil from Walkabout has been a tremendous addition to our practice.


Dr. Kevin Amen D.C., CCSP



This is one of those rare companies with both integrity and passion for producing a superior product that I am proud to endorse. It is literally the only emu oil I recommend.


Nora Gedgaudas, author, Primal Body Primal Mind



I am 96 years old. Walkabout emu oil is part of my daily routine. I appreciate having such a great product.


Bob C.



I never miss taking my Walkabout Australian Emu Oil. I have been taking it for years.


Phil H.



Walkabout Emu Oil is a unique fat. The patients that I prescribe it to never want to be without it.


Dr. John Schmidt D.C., DCBCN



My skin looks and feels so good from using your emu oil. I use it both topically and internally.


Karen F.



I am a four-time Olympic Athlete. My events were: 1984 Marathon, 1988 Marathon, 1992 5K and 10K, 1996 Marathon. After 2 decades of pounding the pavement, running 15-20 miles per day will eventually take a toll. At age 50, I had to quit running and reverted to walking and cycling for exercise. A fellow health care provider suggested I try Walkabout emu oil. At first, I was skeptical but decided to try it anyway. The results have been remarkable. I am back to running. I enjoy gardening and the bending, lifting, pulling and pushing are no longer a chore. Walkabout emu oil is awesome!


Dr. Maron William D.C.



Your emu oil is different than most products. It is an ancestral food rather that a man-made, synthetic supplement. I can’t find anything that compares.


Andie D.

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