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“I feel that Emu Oil has spared me many of the aches and pains that are generally associated with being 91 years of age. I am functioning at the level of a healthy 70-year-old, both physically and mentally, with overall good health. ”


Bob C.



“When starting the Emu Oil, I immediately noticed reduced pain and inflammation, with increased mobility in joints that had been determined to be calcified. I never miss taking my Walkabout Australian Emu oil.”

Phil H.



“I had surgery 9 years ago. After the surgery I developed open sores on my arms and legs that itched a lot and wouldn’t heal. After spending many thousands of dollars over the years to find a solution, imagine my surprise that taking about 8- 10 capsules/day for two weeks, plus applying the oil topically to my skin, the sores have completely gone away. Emu Oil has truly been a miracle for me.”

Karen F.



“…Emu Oil is different than most products. It’s a real food rather than a synthetic man-made supplement. Even so called “natural” or “food based” supplements don’t compare. This is the real deal…the oil from emus themselves…”

Andie D.

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This is one of those rare companies with both integrity and passion for producing a superior product that I am proud to endorse. It is literally the only Emu Oil I recommend.


Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, NTP, BCHN 

Visit Nora’s websites at primalbody-primalmind.com and primalfatburner.com

Walkabout Emu Oil is a unique fat. For the patients, to whom I prescribe Emu Oil, it has made dramatic improvements in their health.

Dr. John Schmidt   D.C., DCBCN



The Emu Oil from Walkabout has been a tremendous addition to our practice. A case study example proves this point. A patient who had been taking minerals for years started to develop joint pain about a year ago. This did not make sense because minerals always helped her in the past. Upon taking Emu Oil with the Vitamin K naturally within the oil, the joint pain reversed.

Dr. Kevin Amen D.C., CCSP



I am a four-time Olympic athlete. My events were: 1984 Marathon, 1988 Marathon, 1992 5K and 10K, 1996 Marathon.

After 2+ decades of pounding the pavement, aches and pains developed in my muscles and joints.  Running 15 -20 miles per day will eventually take its toil.  At age 50, I was hurting so much that I quit running and reverted to walking and cycling for exercise.

A fellow health care provider learned of my suffering and suggested Walkabout Emu Oil. At first I was skeptical but decided to try it anyway. The results have been truly remarkable.

I can run again pain free. I enjoy gardening, so the bending, lifting, pulling and pushing are not longer a chore. Walkabout Emu Oil is awesome!

Dr. Marlon Williams D.C.