Shake It Before You Take It

Written by: Elizabeth Schlinsog
This article is copyrighted by Walkabout Health Products LLC, 2017

It may sound funny, truth be told, and whenever I say it, it makes me smile. But, it really is important before using your liquid Emu Oil to “Shake It Before You Take It”.

Emu Oil is a fat and an oil. (Yes, they mean the same thing.) At room temperature Emu Oil is a liquid. When it cools down, it becomes a solid.

Since our Emu Oil is unadulterated, it will naturally separate at room temperature into two parts: clear oil on top and a more opaque oil below.

ALL PARTS of the oil must be incorporated for it to work properly. It works only as a whole.

If you have capsules you will notice the clear and opaque parts of the oil. You do not need to shake the capsules since there is some of each already present.

If you put your liquid Emu Oil (non-capsule containers) in the fridge—it will need to be brought back to room temperature so that it can be properly shaken, and you can enjoy all the intended benefits.

So before each use “Shake It Before You Take It”… and hopefully, it will make you smile.

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