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Hosts: Alain Braux and Mark Moxom interview Will Schlinsog Dr. Will Schlinsog is a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic in Wisconsin and California. He completed his Pre-Chiropractic education at the University of Wisconsin and went on to attain his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic now known as Logan University in Chesterfield, MO. He has been in practice for thirty-two years and currently maintains a private practice in Marshfield Wisconsin.

Vitamin K2 MK-4 is a nutrient workhorse: helps reduce our risk of heart disease, stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, preserve joints and muscles, protect the brain, improve bone health, prevent depression, helps manufacture hormones, improves skin, helps fuel mitochondria, lowers blood pressure, and boosts the immune system.

It has helped bring relief from joint pain, asthma, vision issues, Lyme’s disease, heart conditions, digestive problems, wrinkles, and more. What is it exactly? It's emu oil, the best fat you've never heard of! Emu oil is a super food of sorts, rich in vitamins K2 and MK4. On today's episode, Dr. Will Schlinsog and Dr. Sylvia Onusic explain the many benefits of emu oil. They discuss emu oil's anti-inflammatory properties, what makes it a fantastic source of vitamins K2 and MK4
Emu oil is an ancestral food and has long been used as healing agent in Australian traditional cultures for wounds, the relief of symptoms of sunburn, eczema, pruritis, and urticaria. Contemporary uses of emu oil described in over 75 studies on Pub Med at the

In this provocative and informative interview, Dr. Terry Wahls, MD and Dr. Will Schlinsog, DC have a talk about Walkabout Emu Oil and how it boosts, protects, and modulates your immune system. The interview is part of the Wahls Protocol and Seminar 2020. To watch this...

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