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Written by: Beverly Meyer, Clinical Nutritionist, MBA, OnDietandHealth.com

I’ve recently started topical Walkabout Emu Oil for skin and vaginal comfort. I take the capsules daily for Vitamin K2 and Omega 3’s but had never used it topically until recently. I was treating Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and needed some pain and inflammation support. But what was safe to use there? AH!  Of course, my trusty Walkabout…

Walkabout is a completely unique emu product. ALL other commercial emu oil is highly processed, sold in bulk to the cosmetic industry and not meant for internal use.

Walkabout is a sacred Aboriginal food –  a heritage species of Emu, gently raised on clean food and open land. The oil is whole and minimally processed, containing a large variety of fats, vitamins, enzymes, aminos, CLA and more – enough that the nesting Emu lives 54 days on the stored fat with no other food. Read and hear more about Walkabout emu in this article and podcast.

Walkabout Emu Oil for Skin

Walkabout is soothing, bacteriostatic and a potent anti-inflammatory. Try it for: 

  • acne
  • rosacea and rashes
  • eczema and cradle cap
  • scrapes, burns and stings

Cosmetic uses: 

  • as a daily moisturizer, it’s light and silky 
  • will not clog pores
  • naturally rich in collagen (great for wrinkles)
  • safe on lips and on nursing Mom’s nipples

Walkabout Oil for Vaginal Health

This oil is edible, sold in capsules for daily internal use, so it’s safe to use on the body’s most private and tender parts. As an anti-inflammatory, anti-infective oil it’s useful with other therapies for:

  • menopausal dryness
  • vulvar pain (Vulvodynia) 
  • herpes pain
  • during UTI’s
  • after childbirth or gynecological exams
  • irritation from tight clothes or sexual activity

Walkabout for General Health:

  • On sore muscles, painful joints
  • As a rich food source of rare Vitamin K2 in the natural MK-4 form. 
  • Safe for babies, and sensitive, aged or irritated skin.

How to Use Walkabout Emu Oil Topically:

  • ALWAYS SHAKE WELL (there are no added emulsifiers or gums)
  • Use a drop or two at a time. A little goes a long way…
  • Keep out of the sun, under 78 degrees, tightly closed. Do not refrigerate as the oil will not shake up and mix properly until it warms to room temperature again

Walkabout Topical Emu Oil in a 2 ounce squeeze bottle is $25. Remember to shake well every use and try it for any pain, irritation or inflammation.  The Capsules or Liquid Oil are taken daily for inflammation, their rich MK-4 form of K2 and many other uses. 





Beverly Meyer is a clinical nutritionist and MBA, in practice since 1985. Her award-winning blog, podcast and online store can be found at OnDietandHealth.com. Enjoy her Primal Diet – Modern Health podcast with Dr. Will located on our Blog page.



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